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The Wizard School is not a new concept. It has been planned and developed over several years by a fantastic Magician with a background in education, Mike Clarke. Due to personal circumstances Mike decided to hand  the reigns over to someone who could continue what he started, and that someone was me, James Kennedy.

Since taking over, I have spent a lot of time developing the idea  and trying to imagine how I could take something great, and make it something more. More magical, more inspiring and more engaging. Magic changed my life, and that is why I wanted to put together something that was about more than just education.

 I believe that Magic has the power to do more than just entertain. It can change lives for the better, especially for those who perform. The benefits are incredible, not only do you learn the secrets behind the trick, you also learn confidence, concentration, performance and perseverance. All of which are incredible skills that will stay with you for life.

When someones speaks to me and asks what I do for a living. I still pinch myself when I say with a huge smile on my face I'm a Magician. Even after all these years!

Everyone loves Magic, and learning and developing the skills needed to perform for others is a talent that will put smiles on people faces for life.

I have also recruited some other great performers to help me deliver Wizard School across the UK.
Each Performer/Professor has unique skills and brings a different spin on this confidence building experience.
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